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Introducing Wiisinig LLC

A Lifetime of Creations

"We're focused on revitalizing indigenous food systems amongst tribal communities. Specializing in food sovereignty and advocacy work."

Derek Nicholas; Wiisinig LLC, Founder

Our Services

At Wiisinig LLC...

We offer the following services:
- Cooking Classes & Demonstrations
- Pop Ups & Food Service

- Presentations on Traditional Food Systems & Food Sovereignty

- Resources

- Cultural Exchange Classrooms (Domestic & International)

- Cultural Exchange Trips (Domestic & International)
- Consulting


Our Mission

At Wiisinig LLC, we believe that food is medicine. Our focus is to empower communities by reclaiming indigenous food ways. Wiisinig LLC aims to practice and conduct valuable work around traditional practices such as sustainable food production, seed saving, wild food identification, culinary practices, and stories. Our work will help preserve indigenous wisdom and create resources for families and community.

Wiisinig LLC is attentive to keeping the integrity of sacred knowledge safe to avoid exploitation of greed. We prepare our work in a good way. We believe that reclaiming our indigenous food ways is the way to offset the damage from colonialism. 


Derek Nicholas, Founder


Boozhoo indinawemaaganidog. Niigaanibines nindigo. Mawka indoodem. Miskwaabikaang izhinikaade ishkongian wenjibaayaan.

Derek Nicholas (Red Cliff Band Ojibwe) has been working within the food systems in many critical ways, including but not limited to work around food security and sovereignty, language revitalization, seed saving, food cultivation, culinary arts, sustainable food & water projects, and youth engagement. Derek is currently employed in Minneapolis, working at the Division of Indian Work as the Nutrition Program Coordinator. Additionally, Derek is the Education and Sustainability Chair for Feeding Mouths Filling Minds.

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